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Computer to plate technology -- CDI Cyrel Digital Imager

Electronic Prepress Services

Our fully computerized prepress services make use of modern technology to ensure color accuracy and consistency. Our services include high resolution scanning, color correction, digital proofing and computer-to-plate processing.

Our prepress labs make use of industry standard software. We can handle all kinds of data media, and also have ISDN terminals and fiber optic line available for file transfer.

Computer-to-plate Technology

The latest in computer-to-plate technology offers many benefits over conventional plate making. This more efficient procedure provides for finer, sharper dots and more predictable dot gain -- the end result is a higher quality printed product.

Once your plates are imaged, they are washed and mounted in a controlled, dust-free environment, eliminating yet another common problem in conventional plate preparation.

The key advantages of computer-to-plate include:

  • Much finer and sharper dots
  • Elimination of dust problems
  • Significantly lower and more predictable dot gain
  • Increased stability during printing

Substrate Proofing (Machine Proofing)

With our proofing machine we are able to simulate all the factors of real printing - the plate, ink and substrate which will be used in the final print run. This makes for very accurate proofs which help us to spot potential problems before they arise.

Just like our presses, our proofing machine makes use of modern CIC and sleeve technology for quick setup and fast turnaround time.

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