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Working with Us

We realize that packaging development and printing can seem a complex process. That's why we do everything we can to help you through the steps involved. Our commitment to customer service ensures that you'll be kept informed of the progress of your job and be involved in all important decisions—with our qualified personnel to help you.

To ensure consistency in what we do, we have established comprehensive processes both for development and production and for quality control and assurance.

Our Development Process

To help you appreciate what is involved in producing your printed packaging, we provide the following outline development process:

  • You provide us with the base materials: either computer files or artwork.
  • If you didn't provide a proof sample, we produce digital proofs from the materials you supplied. We'll the ask you to approve the proof.
  • We'll prepare a machine proof using a real plate, ink and substrate (which is as close to the final product as possible) for your approval.
  • Plates are prepared using our digital plate making equipment.
  • A final press proof is prepared. This time we'll ask you to check the proof for color accuracy.
  • We'll prepare a mock-up of the finished product—including whatever converting (laminating, slitting, bag making) is required. Again, we'll ask you to give this your final approval before proceeding to production.

Manufacturing Process

Once you've given final approval to your product mock-up, we'll move onto the manufacturing stage. The process runs like this:

  • Materials are prepared. This includes film production and ink formulation.
  • Your print job is run through our presses.
  • Any necessary lamination processes are performed.
  • If you require final delivery on continuous rolls, we perform the slitting.
  • If you require delivery as finished bags or pouches, we perform necessary conversion to form your final product.
  • The finished products are passed to our warehouse for delivery in the agreed manner.

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